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Sakaerat Environmental Research Station (Nakhon Ratchasima)
Educational gardens

Operating day: Daily            Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30

Sakaerat Environmental Research Station is a research centre of plant species in the northeastern jungles and is open to groups interested in organising eco-tours.  It is beside Highway No. 304 (Nakhon Ratchasima-Kabin Buri) and is 57 kilometres from the city.  It has an area of about 78 square kilometres (48,750 rai).  The area is  mainly dry jungles and hardwood forests.  Many animals are found here, including wild boars, pheasants and a variety of birds.  If you go up a tower built by the station over the treetops, you will see a vast green jungle around you, as well as Khao Phaeng Ma further away.  The climate is cool all year round.  There are several nature study trails that can take from 1.5 hours to 3 hours.  There are 3 houses available that can accommodate 20 people each.  For information, call Tel. 0 4425 8642, 0 4424 4474.


Lam Phra Phloeng Dam (Nakhon Ratchasima)
Dam,Reservoir, Lake, Beaches & Bay

Operating day: Daily      Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30

Lam Phra Phloeng Dam can be reached by taking Highway No.304 past the district for 4 kilometres then turn right and drive for 28 kilometres.  The dam is under the Royal Irrigation Department.  Locals come here to relax, eat, fish, and enjoy the scenery of the reservoir.  There are lodges for rent.  For information, contact the Lam Phra Phloeng Water Supply and Maintenance Project at tel. (044) 373184 ext. 114.  Tourists can rent a long-tail boat to tour the reservoir, travel to Khlong Ki waterfall or Khun Chon waterfall.  Each round-trip journey is about 3-4 hours.  For information, contact Lam Phra Phloeng Dam Club at tel. 0 4437 3184 ext. 117.


Huai Yai Waterfall (Nakhon Ratchasima)

Operating day: Daily     Operating time: 08.00 - 16.30

Huai Yai Waterfall is a tourist destination under the care of Thap Lan National Park.  Take Highway No. 304 to the market at Km. 79 for 6 kilometres.  The entrance is a sloped walkway about 20 metres long.  You will find a small waterfall flowing past 2 large boulders.  It has water only in the rainy season around July to September.




Khao Phaeng Ma (Nakhon Ratchasima)
Royal Project, Research and Development, Mountain (Doi)

Operating day: Daily     Operating time: 06.00 - 18.00

Khao Phaeng Ma Reforestation Project to Honour His Majesty the King is in the southern part of Nakhon Ratchasima.  Take Highway No. 304 (Nakhon Ratchasima-Kabin Buri) for 79 kilometres to the market at Km. 79.  Take a right on Ro Pho Cho Road (San Chao Pho-Nong Khum) for 11 kilometres.  The last part of about 4 kilometres is a dirt road going uphill that is rugged but has good views.  Upon reaching the top, you will see some winding mountains.  The peak is 850 metres above sea level.  The area is under the care of the Wildlife Foundation of Thailand and has an area of 16 square kilometres.  Activities include reforestation, trekking, animal watching (particularly some remaining gaurs), and slide shows for interested parties.  There is accommodation in the form of 3 bamboo lodges that can each accommodate 10-20 people.  Prior contact can be made at the project in Mu 5, Tambon Wang Nam Khiao, tel. 08 1907 8260, 08 1999 7468






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